Purification of lead

Lead has wide applications in industrial and chemical production and in the first phase, it is produced in raw and unrefined form. Then purification and production of pure lead ingots is done.

Production of ingots from workshop lead

Workshop lead ingot is the unrefined lead that is obtained after extraction from mines or primary processing from all kinds of lead scraps, workshop waste and used car batteries. Then it is melted and prepared in special purification furnaces to turn into pure lead ingots.

Unrefined or workshop lead is the first step in the production of lead that can be used in various industries and its characteristics are:

There are usually various metallic and non-metallic elements in the form of impurities

The price of gross and workshop lead is much lower than pure lead ingot

It has a duller appearance and less luster and metallic luster than pure lead; Depending on the impurities in it, it may take on different shades of color.

It is bought and sold in different and sometimes non-standard shapes and sizes.

unrefined lead (concentrate)

Unrefined lead concentrate is the primary product of lead and zinc mines. After the extraction of lead ore and the initial separation of impurities, slag and water, lead concentrate is obtained, which we use to purify and produce pure lead ingots.

A concentrate is a form of a substance that has had most of its primary constituents removed. Concentrate is usually obtained by taking the water present in a solution or suspension. In general, any substance that has rich and concentrated compounds of one or more types of substances or elements is called a concentrate or a compressed substance.

At Amin Selfchegan Company, we have the ability to purify all types of lead concentrates and can turn both types into pure ingots:

• pbo lead oxide concentrate
• Pbs lead sulphide concentrate

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