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Innovation in production, superior quality

We are proud to serve dear artisans by providing quality products in the field of pure lead ingot production. Our mission is to provide guaranteed quality services; By using the knowledge of specialists and experts in this industry.

At Amin Selfchegan Non-Ferrous Alloys Company, we will deliver your order in the shortest possible time while maintaining quality.

قیمت شمش سرب داخلی

Internal lead ingot

106,000 tomans

قیمت سرب جهانی

Global lead

2,125 $

قیمت طلا

Each gram of gold is 18 carats

2,445,000 Tomans

قیمت سکه

All spring coin of Azadi

28,550,000 Tomans


51,700 tomans

قیمت دلار


55,030 tomans

price of an old battery

65,000 tomans

about company

Non-ferrous alloys Amin Selfchegan

With the support of 30 years of presence and continuous activity in the mining and non-ferrous metals industries, as well as the production of various products in this field, Amin Selfchegan has become one of the leading companies in the field of quality and guaranteed product production.

By using a specialized technical and engineering team with more than 10 senior engineers in the field of mineral and metal products processing, metal industries and metallurgy, in addition to having a group with more than 100 active and specialized and trained workers, we are able to We have provided three shifts in all 4 of our production lines.

The ability to produce more than 200 tons of refined lead per week, with the process of converting concentrate into guaranteed pure lead ingots, is one of our most important services.

شرکت آلیاژهای غیرآهنی امین سلفچگان
درباره شرکت آلیاژهای غیرآهنی امین سلفچگان


800 tons

Monthly lead production


Independent production line


Active customer

company Services

Amin Selfchegan

Our main services include workshop lead purification, concentrate and recycling of spent batteries and finally the production of lead needed for car batteries.

Production of lead ingots

Pure, refined, workshop, antimony


Workshop lead purification and concentrate

Battery recycling

Purification of recycled lead from spent batteries

Fields of cooperation with us

Production of all kinds of lead derivatives and compounds and other services

One of our main services at Amin Selfchegan Company is the purification of lead products and derivatives and the production of pure lead. With our high capacity in four production lines, we can convert a wide range of mineral and industrial products containing lead into pure ingots or all kinds of lead compounds

Production of lead sulfate

Lead sulfate, tribasic lead sulfate (TBLS), dibasic lead sulfate (DBLS)

Production of lead nitrate

Lead(II) nitrate is an inorganic salt composed of nitric acid and lead; In desired tonnage

Production of dry lead

Production of dry lead or antimony lead with any grade and purity of 3% or more of antimony

Production of filter powder

Remelting after the process of melting the taken oxides, with different grades

Buying mineral soil

Purchase of lead mineral soil with different purity percentage in high tonnage and cash payment

Buying a used battery

Buying used batteries for passenger cars, road construction and heavy vehicles with cash payment

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