Production of lead ingots

Production of pure lead

At Amin Selfchegan Company, we produce lead ingots in both pure and alloy forms and sell them in different tonnages.

The most important feature of pure lead is that nuclear radiation does not pass through it. Therefore, it is used as a protector in nuclear reactors, radiology departments of hospitals, pet scan department, etc. In other words, wherever there may be high-power alpha, gamma and x-rays, lead and its protective effect are also necessary.

Electrically, pure lead is a metal with high conductivity. Therefore, it is widely used in the production of wires and cables, as well as electric boards, capacitors and batteries. For this reason, in various industries, lead ingots are used to produce various products and forms of lead. High malleability and the possibility of combining with a wide range of elements are other important properties of pure lead, which make it suitable for many applications in complex industries and technologies.

Lead is one of the inactive elements and therefore has a high resistance to corrosion. Due to this feature, lead is used in certain places such as in water or acidic environments. For example, cables under water are coated with lead, or lead plates are used in acid car batteries.

Amin Selfchegan Company has the ability to produce 50 tons of pure lead ingots per day and is one of the leading companies in this field.

Production of dry lead or antimony

Another product of Amin Selfchagan is a variety of dry lead ingots or with antimony element. This type of lead is used for plating and hardening car parts and other industries, making all kinds of toys, household appliances and decorations, rhinestones, etc.

Antimony lead or antimony lead is available in the market in the form of ingots and sheets.

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