“The former flirts with me at work”

I work in the same company with a person who met ten years ago. He left me a month and a half later, and then for a long time I considered him a “man of my

dreams”. Now I have been living with a young man for two years, whom I love very much. The former also has a girl. But at work, he constantly flirts with me, makes compliments, invites to lunch, treats coffee. These are old feelings, but I know that we could not build harmonious relations, we have too different goals and interests. I know that he does not belong to the category of womanizers, and I do not understand why he behaves like that. Why still touch me and how can I get out of this situation without losses?

This man appeared in your life for a long time, probably even at a time when you had no sexual experience. Your communication ended not on your initiative, obviously, the man simply met someone with whom he decided to build a relationship. That is, he showed honesty and responsibility at this moment of life.

He has a partner, you have a young man, you are satisfied with your relationship. Maybe this is just the moment in life when you must act responsibly? And not to invest too much in a situation that does not imply this at all.

Try to see that you can just flirt, joke, talk, dine with the former “dream man”. You can communicate as you communicate with friends and friends. He does not belong to men-ladies and, most likely, communicates with you as a friend, not planning to provoke you, nor separated from your young man, or change something in his life.

I think your working situation is not at risk. He does not make any proposals, does not put conditions and, probably, still finds your society pleasant and interesting, and therefore makes compliments. Try it and you stay on this wave: communicate that you are interested. For the fact that someone is located to us and makes compliments, we are not obliged to pay anything, just say thanks.

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